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Hi everyone! I am looking to sell the following. I can cover shipping on it all if you are in the lower 48, and otherwise we can talk.

Everything was originally purchased from The Wooden Wagon. If you need pictures, please PM me!

Waldorf wooden Advent Spiral/Birthday Ring. Pretty good condition with some wax drips. I'll ship this with a mostly full jar of beeswax polish. Asking $45.

Waldorf Seasonal Festivity stand. Made of Alder Wood, has 3 tiers that are adjustable. I used this on the nature table and for birthday stuff. Asking $55

Waldorf Birthday Ring Ornaments.
I really want to sell the whole lot together :) Asking $44.
You will receive the following ornaments: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and a bonus 4 that is being held by a wizard. Also a windmill, cat, blue flower, squirrel, ladybug, mermaid, seal, and star.

Beeswax Candles with eight brass holders. Some are the eika brand and some are the brand that Wooden Wagon sells. All pure beeswax. There are 29 in all, with 7 being new, 17 being about 1" shorter than the others, and the last 4 of them being 2" tall. Asking $15.
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