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Wanna buy a new Firefly? or trade for other FF or Fuz?

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I just got a a couple large Firefly colors in the mail. One ended up being the same color as one I already have. (Tough life huh?
: ) It is Light Jungle Red organic cotton (looks the same as Rose Red to me). Never washed or worn, of course.

Im looking to trade for a color I dont have yet - brand new or very excellent condition only please. I know there is a Neon Green that I dont have. I'd also trade for a medium April Skies Burning Sun organic cotton Fuz (plus some $ if necessary). Try me.

***PENDING*** OR you can buy it for $20 plus first class shipping of $1.52 (6 ounce package). I know they sell for $20 new, so this isn't some steal of a deal. BUT you are saving a couple bucks on shipping, since Fuz/Fireflies ship priority.

PM please.

edited because shipping works out to be cheaper than I thought.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts