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i posted a few months back about my xh's bosses dw calling me for help. well, i talked to her dh the other day. they are still nursing, and she still plans to keep at it for 12 mos at least! she was unsure of calling for a LC home visit b/c of the cost, but i sent her a page showing how much formula costs for a yr, plus all of the extra ped visits due to lesser health, and she called the LC and ended up paying $200, but was so glad when she realized how much more abm would have cost.

also, my sister went to a baby shower last wk. 9 women were there. the honoree was having her first, but the other 8 were already moms. 7 of those had bf. the one who didnt was of an older generation. she started giving REALLY horrible advice about everything newborn related, but esp about bf. the other mamas jumped in to correct her, and it turned out that all of the bf mamas had toddler nursed. some mlw'd, some thought they had clw'd, but my sister told me it sounded more like mlw. my sister bf her dc the longest, 45 mos., but all of them had gone well into the 2nd yr.

the pg mama is planning to bf. she has no understanding of the concept of artificial feeding. she is from romania, and told my sister that if women in her family had not bf, most of the babies would have died. their family was very poor, and abm was not reliably available. my sis is loaning her her PIS for as long as she needs it. she also plans on NO pain meds for the birth, but the sOB is pushing for a planned csec due to a supposed large baby.
well, she may have a csec due to the cascade, but she will for sure bf!

just thought we needed some good news!
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