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OK who made the Uof M CBs and how much were they? I gotta have one.
Leann of Beasly Baby made them for me. I can't remember how much I paid but pretty standard CB w/ embrodary(sp?) price. She is preg w/ twins so I'm not sure how much work she is doing right now.

Wanna see our UofM Wooly Wonder ?
I have seen your wooly wonder! A friend of mine made me one similar... hmmm... gotta get a picture of that one up!

Who makes the Dewdrops?? I'm looking for good NB dipes and those are cute!
They are made by Wendi Code and are sold on Tuesday's Bear. I haven't seen any smalls for sale lately. Just so you know, these don't fit DS anymore so I need to sell them. I love them so much I haven't had the heart to post them FS yet.

I think you have more dipes than me... and I have two butts in cloth!!!
The scary thing is that I have about 25 small FB's and 2 dozen infant prefolds too! And I already sold my size 0 kissaluvs! Can you say I went over board???? I think I have a super pee'er though... DS already went through 3 diapers since 7 this morning.

We do wash almost everyday... well more like 5 times a week is what it works out to.

Thanks for looking at my stash.. I'll try to get more pictures up today!
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