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Wanna share names?

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I need some ideas! I have exactly 2 weeks left and nothing has struck my fancy as far as what this child shall be called! Our last name is Jackson and my 2 girls are Hailey Elizabeth and Madelaine Christine. I like classic names, but am open to all types!

Here is my list, but if anyone has any suggestions, or just wants to share theirs, that would be faboo too.

If it is a girl, her middle name will be Grace, but here are first names that are on my list.......I really like Ava, Elenor, Emma and Delany.

First name:

For a boy, nothing seems to fit(that I like) with our last name. The alliteration of 2 names ending with an "n" just does not work for me. I thought about William Richard, to honor the papas, but I really dislike the name Richard. DH's name is Christopher Wayne, and I am not too keen on naming a son either of those names either. My current faves are William Connor, William Tucker, Samuel Tucker, but I really do not know what this child should be called

So, help!

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didn't want you to feel like no one read this, but I pick pretty unusual names so I'm afraid I am not much help.

Depends on if you care how popular the names are, for example, Ava and Emma are super popular right now so your baby will probably encounter a lot of playmates with the same name. Some people care about that, some don't.

Also, do you like nicknames or do you hate them or are you ambivalent? I really like Elenor, but most likely ppl will call her Ellie and trust me, you can't prevent ppl from nicknaming your child something you don't like. I personally like Ellie so that wouldn't bother me. (FYI, my ds's name is Tain and my MIL insists on calling him Tainer. God, how I hate it.)

My vote is Elenor or Savannah for a girl and I think Samuel Tucker Jackson sounds really cool.
I like Elenor, and Delany and William Tucker, Nathan & Harper too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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