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My son, who will be 3 at the end of October, has been learning the potty nearly all on his own. He will go on the potty a few times a week all by himself. Today he's gone by himself 3 times, and he went once when he didn't need to go.

He has been wearing diapers or pull ups and when I ask him if he wants underwear, he says no, he wants to wear a diaper.

We are out of diapers today. I have training pant underwear and regular underwear for him.

I think we will go to the store today and get more diapers. In fact, I already told him we would do that today. So I'll get a pack of pull ups.

But.... I'm wondering if I should at some point stop buying diapers and tell him he needs to change to the underwear.

He is doing good, but of course he is still wearing diapers! Because he likes the diapers, I'm willing to go along with that right now. But I do want him to make the switch and experience training pants or underwear.

Would you wait until he actually asks for underwear? Should I go get him the character underwear? I don't know if he will care or not. Or should I cut him off at some point in the next couple months and tell him we don't have any more diapers (which will be tough because his little brother will still have diapers.)

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