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Want to be close to Oak Park, but have to live in Chicago...ideas?

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I've been thinking that our family might really like the Oak Park, IL area. Problem is....dh works for Chicago Public Schools and they have a "law" of sorts- you have to live in Chicago when working for CPS.
So, does anyone know of any nice/family-type neighborhoods that are still in Chicago, but close to Oak Park? If this even exists then we could benefit from what Oak Park has to offer, but still live in the city as the rule states

I'd love to hear about it if anyone knows of anywhere nice!

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I just posted about this on another thread, but I highly recommend
Schorsch Village. It is very close to Oak Park but still in Chicago.

I was just in Oak Park today and this weekend-- it's not a bad drive for me, but I do wish I could be even closer! So much to offer!
Well, there are a lot of city officials who live near me in the super-nice part of Austin (Midway Park Blvd. and Race St. between Austin and about Menard), just to reap the cheap real estate taxes, nice houses with big yards, and proximity to Oak Park.

As a resident of the regular part of Austin, however, I love it, although it is not "nice" in the normal sense of the word (it is still in the process of revitalizing). Just nice big old houses (mostly in need of repair), huge yards, tons of parking, close to the el, and really, really affordable. If you can handle a bit of grunge around the edges, I really recommend the "regular-folks" part of our neighborhood.

There is also the "Island" neighborhood which is technically a part of Austin which is also pretty nice (it's between 290 and Roosevelt and Austin and Central).

Galewood (north of North Avenue and directly north of Oak Park) also can be nice, but it is sort of block by block.

For reference, Austin divides Oak Park and Chicago.
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I would recommend Galewood - just west of Oak Park Ave and north of North Ave. We have friends that live on a Dickens - lovely homes, large lots, great neighbors. They send their kids to Sayre Language Academy and are happy with the school (they have a 5th grader and a 4th grader).

Where do you live now? We live in Norwood Park and we actually drive to Galewood and Oak Park in about 20 minutes. Norwood Park is great and TONS of city employees here.
I live in the regular part of Austin..,my block is fantastic, but nearby it can be sketchy...I axtually really like it here, for what it's worth.
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