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want to meet other diaper free moms dads and little people

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I am eager to connect with other parents doing EC with there kids as well as radical/anarchist parents for support, fun, and community. Let me know about you and where you live and maby we could hang out. I am between Vancouver and Victoria but maninly reside in Victoria.
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I would like to meet other parents doing EC as well! However, I'm from Ottawa, Ontario so I guess it's a bit hard to get together in person.

I find it most difficult to talk to other parents about EC because it's so different. Most of the people I've told do think it's amazing, but think I'm a little nuts.

My son is now 4.5 months. I've been EC'ing since he was 3 months. He's my first so I have little experience in this technique... well little experience raising babies in general!

I have been surprised at the success I've been having with EC'ing him. He is now using a small potty with my assistance in sitting. I can catch about 80% of his pees and poops! I still use diapers when he's napping, at nights and when we are out.

I hope my efforts is somehow helping him understand all about peeing/pooping in the toilet and that he doesn't have to sit in his own pee/poop!

Any other EC Moms/Dads from Canada?
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have either of you checked out ? there are a few groups in canada, actually i think there are contacts/mentors listed for both of your areas!
Wow!! I'm not Canadian, but dh is. We met in 97 when I was studying women's studies at UVic- on exchange from Mississippi! Anyway, I brought him to the states 4 years ago and we're down here in Georgia and were planning to move back to Victoria until his parents moved to London, Ontario, a couple of months ago. Now we don't know where we're going after he finishes his Master's degree this summer.

Anyhow, we started EC at 5.5mths. Ds is 14.5mths now and is diaper free. We rarely have any accidents, and we see the benefits of EC in everything. It totally revolutionized our approach to parenting. Yes, we cloth diped, homebirthed, all that stuff, but EC is about looking at your child in a different way. He is a person who we respect like any other human. He has thoughts and feelings, and he amazes me every single day. EC gets so much easier. Parenting doesn't, though
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