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want to sew small pouches?

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i do not know how to sew. i would like to have some small (4"x6" or so) drawstring pouches for herb sachets. we will have lots of lavendar on the farm come summer.

a store near me sells them for $3 each, but that feels expensive.

i'm wondering if it would be worthwhile for me to learn to sew and make them myself. what kind of fabric would i need, to let the herb smell out? i don't have a clue how even to find a pattern.

do any of you mamas make somethign like this? feel freee to pm me.
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Pouches are easy ti sew. If you have access to a sewing machine, they are cheap and quick. You can use cotton. That will let the smell out just fine. Basically, you just sew a rectangle(with pattern side facing each other), leaving the top open. Then, fold the open end over. Then, sew that end (leaving the end open.) Flip the material right side out (so no seams are showing). Now you have a pouch. For small pouches, I just carefully cut a slit on the inside of the open end. Using a safety pin attached to the end, thread a peice of ribbon, etc through the top. This will give you a basic pouch.

You can also create a sachet by making the rectangle, flipping the fabric so the pattern is out, stuffing with lavender, and then tucking the top edge in. Then, justmachine stitch over the top to close. This doesn't look as nice, but it is very quick.

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Muslin would work well I think.

You could even hand sew these if you don't have a sewing machine.

Some cotton yarn or twine would work well to close them up as well.
thanks for the suggestions. maybe i'll have to brave the local fabric shop, see if there is some inexpensive fabric i could experiment on...
Or you could also try ebay. Try searching under 'organza pouches' or purses. They sell them by 100s. They are fairly inexpensive and might save you from having to sew lots of bags yourself.
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