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Want to start cycling - experiance with trailers?

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I really want to start cycling more often, esp. for our errands, play dates, etc. I get lazy about walking and usually take the car and I want to break that habit. I've seen a few chariots and they seem cool and fun! My dd's would love that much more than the car!

Anyway, who has experiance with bycicle trailers? If so, what are the pros and cons of using one? What else can you share with me about the different kinds, $$$, safety for kids, etc.?

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i have limited experience with trailers. My dd hates the helmet and spends much of the time screaming to get it off. We're working on it.

Here are some links:
on trailers

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i have two burleys and one trek trailors, truely the burleys do not flip or lean to the side even if the bike gets knocked bown, however they are expensive it would definitly be worth looking in the local paper for a few weeks and maybe on ebay for one before you go and buy one for 400.00 from the local bike store. if you live in washington state you could also go to the burley factory and see what the prices are. you can get special equipment like rain sheets for over it but dont do any of that until you really get into bicyling.
good luck
Thanks for the replies, the link really helped!

I have two more questions:

I live in Israel and they don't sell them here. So, I'm worried about servicing. Have any of you had to fix yours? If so, did you take it to your local bike store, or have to send it in?

And about ebay, used, etc. How do I know if it's in good condition and worth my $$$?

Used Burleys are usually always in pretty good condition. They are the VERY best! We have had a regular two kid Burley (can't remember the model name) and now we have a Burley d'Lite. The D'Lite is much more comfortable for ds because there is some room for his head/helmet to slightly lay back, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I think Burley's are amazing! We bought ours as a 'second' meaning that it had some type of small defect in the sewing or labeling, so it was cheaper, but we haven't figured out where it is. I have taken a fall while pulling the trailer and it completely stayed upright like one poster said.
i bought a burley that was broken where it attaches to the bicycle, i could have ordered a replacement part from burley co. or from the local bike shop. the bike shop repaired it no problem. the other one i have has a snap missing where the bug screen attaches to the frame and it was replaced for a dollar. most bike shops i have been to here in the u.s. and in other countries (norway, denmark etc) can replace parts to a trailer quiet easily.
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