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Want to switch to a natural detergent...hard water...

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I used to use Biokleen liquid on dipes and clothes, then read here that natural detergents cause buildup, so switched to non-natural detergents (whatever's on sale). Lately I've really been wanting to get back to something natural for clothes and diapers. I know a lot of mamas here still use Biokleen. I did notice that our clothing became very dingy with biokleen--it just didn't seem completely clean, lots of stains, etc. The dipes smelled clean and seemed fine, so I'm not sure why I switched. I've read the whole thing about natural "detergents" actually being "soap," etc, and why they supposedly don't work as well. Are all natural detergents this way?

Is Biokleen powder different from the liquid? Does it work well in very hard water? Can it be used on pocket dipes/fleece? Are there other natural detergents out there that works well on both clothing and dipes? What about Allen's Naturally-does it clean well?
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We have very hard water. I've never tried Allen's, so I can only give you the biokleen perspective.
I found that the liquid works better with the hard water. I then do a few rinses of hot water (if you have a "prewash" setting, that'll work to, just put it on hot), with white vinegar. You might want to try doing a load once a week with a shot of dishwashing detergent to cut out any grease stains from the stool. Then wash with baking soda. Then do the vinegar rinse.
The key is to rinse until all the bubbles are gone.

Hang in there, I know how frustrating the hard water is.
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We have *very* hard water and I have found that Sportswash/Sensiclean works great on my diapers. I don't even need to add a vinegar or calgon rinse anymore!
It took several cycles to completely strip my diapers with the Sportswash but now they are sooo clean and pure with no build-up.
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