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Want to try to figure this one out?

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Well, the crazy dreams have been going on for a while, but last night's take the cake!

I was seeing an acupuncturist when TTC to help regulate my cycle. I stopped seeing her shortly after we conceived, but talked to her about possibly seeing her in late pregnancy if I need to. So, last night I dreamed that I had decided to start seeing her again. I called her up to tell her I wanted to come in for the "Deluxe Mashed Potato Treatment".
What in the world is that about! Man, that's pretty funny.
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I love threads about dreams!

It might be that "mashed potato" means something to you personally. Maybe baby food or a dance as a symbol for birth or maybe your subconscious just cooked up (pun partially intended) the expression to mean "give me the works!"

The other day I realized that I probably dreamed of my baby as a young girl (see old thread) simply because I teach high school and generally tend to think of children as 15-17 years old!
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