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Wanted: Comprehensive Wrap Directions

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I have seen the few websites with one or two wrap directions but I already own a very old wrap. My mother gave it to me with hand written directions...needless to say i can't read them let alone understand what to do with them. I visted a couple websites and got the traditional cross one in front and a newborn nursing directions. All the others are on the back or don't show up. I am not comfortable putting a newborn or small baby on my back yet and I am only pg right now.

I figured this would be a good time for people with wraps or wrap knowledge to post thier directions and say whether they were good, ok, or never worked.

I, personally, would like to see some directions on the hip and out facing for those babes who want to look around.
Thanks for the help!!!
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Have you checked out the mama toto project? Tracy has some great directions for wraps!
(I haven't been able to get to anything interesting on wearyourbaby the last couple times I've been there)

How about this lovely page, which can also be printed out in pdf, here on the MobyWrap website?

By the way, I never could put DS on my back. Now I can *wear* him on my back, but only if DH puts him back there for me. It's weird, I'm traditionally very flexible, but something about the stretch involved in baby-on-back, I just couldn't convince my shoulders to do.
See less See more is definitely the place for the most comprehensive wrap directions, including pics and videos. also has good ones, and the forum at is yet another good resource.

Have you tried finding a class in your area? Hands on experience is invaluable!
Oops, I replied to you on the other thread. But, here's a page that I found really helpful when I was learning to wrap. Lots of links to instructions.

I agree that finding someone near you is so valuable. Here's a list of babywearing groups, just in case one is near you.
Well those sites definitly helped. Theres so many out there that are pretty much the same thing under a different name!! I don't know what to call mine...
I am not sure how long i will be able to wear my babe but we'll see if i can dig out my reg ole wrap and test out from the beginning.
thanks for the help!!
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I just got it last week and I love it! It has about an hour of info on the wrap section. Actually watching it is so much better than just seeing pics. Ooops, baby crying, gotta go..
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