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WANTED Star Trek New Frontier book

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Hey there everyone
Does anybody out there have a paper back copy of Star Trek New Frontier No Limits By Peter David they would be willing to sell me for a resonable price? I would be willing to pay no more than $2.00 shipping (media mail) and no more than $2.00 for the book. TIA
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So the title is "No Limits", not just Book One, Two.. etc. ?

eta: OK, I just looked through my (rather extensive
) Trek collection and I don't have that one. Sorry, mama!
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According to the list in front of one of my books it actually falls between book #13 Gods Above & book #14 Stone & Anvil. It is listed as No limits ed. by peter david not sure at all why it is in between those 2 and isnt numbered
: but I have found it on ebay and just that it costs way to much there with shipping added
Thank u so much for looking for me ladybug & babybug. For some reason they stopped putting the number on the books after book #8.

It is the series with Mackenzie Calhoun New Frontier.
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