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Wanted: Wonderoos! Funded paypal ready and waiting!

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OK, so I have tried out a Wonderoos and decided I really like it and would like more. I know of 2 sites where I can get them for $14.95 each, free shipping. Anyone have new/like new/very good condition Wonderoos for a great price? Thanks!
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I don't have any but i want to say i am addicted to wonderoos.
That is all we use.
I hope you find some they are awesome.
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Ohh, so can you tell me how you snap 'em? I bought one to try out, but am baffled.
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I tried to send you a PM, but MDC locked up on me

Anyway, I have 4 excellent condition Wonderoos for sale - 2 white, 2 pink. The white ones don't have a tag (don't know why), and the pink ones have tag fading that occurred during the first wash. How's $11 ea ppd sound? Or $40ppd for all 4. I also have 4 EC Wonder-Fulls inserts that I'd sell for $4.50 each and 4 VGC small JoeyBunz that I'd sell for $2.50 each. I also have S/M Mother of Eden microterry inserts that I'd sell for $1.50 each.
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Just butting in to say not all Wonderoos look like those in that last link....the latest version I have has another rise snap and you don't fold the top out on the smaller setting.

Just trying to be helpful.

Also, I have some Wonderoos that are pending...I'll PM you if it doesn't work out.
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