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The problem you run into is that if a man can get an erection and have an orgasm, he can't imagine that there could be anything more. Without being able to see the benefits, it is difficult to be motivated to take on something that may have invisible benefits.

You see, a man can clearly see that red sports car at the dealership's showroom or the motorcycle or any other desirable toys that we men seek to own. We are willing to put in overtime hours or get extra education or get a better job to get these toys. We dream of the approval of our peer group and the other sex once we posess these symbols. However, we can't see that something that is already wonderful could get significantly better enough to embark on such an arduous task. No one other than our lovers will ever see it so there is no status to be gained. Therefore, it is difficult to become motivated to the extent necessary to embark on such a daunting journey.

I suspect that my motivation came as a result of two colliding events. First, I was in the begining stages of impotence and had clearly recognized it as such and second, I got internet access and happened to stumble on the issue. Everything I read made absolute logical and rational sense. I was motivated by the fact that if I didn't give this a shot, I might as well resign myself to my final years of no sex. That was not acceptable and I saw this as my last shot at preserving something that I had celebrated my entire adult life. Thank goodness it worked!

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