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wanting suggestings for boosting immune system after chickenpox exposure

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I just purposely exposed my unvaxed 5 and 7 yr. olds to chickenpox 4 days ago. But, since exposing them they are now coming down with colds (and they had been healthy all winter!). Ugh, so now their immune systems are already compromised.

Any suggestions for boosting their immune systems, not only for the colds but more specifically in anticipation of the chickenpox?

I assume they'll be over their colds in a few days and before they break out. Does anyone know - Will having colds before the pox surface, have any effect on the severity of their chickenpox? I just have to ask, as I'm now feeling a little guilty for having puposely exposed them at this time.

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You could try lots of things. Emergen-C packets are great for their varieties of vitamin C, and the fun-for-kids factor. Look up some general antiviral support measures. Goldenseal, Elderberry or Sambucol syrup. If you have any homeopathic aconite around, give some doses of it while you're figuring out what else to do. Cold or not, it's good for them to have the pox. I never got it as a kid (sat with both siblings when they had it, too) and I got it in my twenties.
I would recommend high vitamin CLO, vitamin C (not Emergen C but sodium ascorbate), a whole foods diet, probiotics, sunlight, fresh air, excersice and low stress.
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