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Our family has had some real gut problems. I want to avoid that in my baby. One thing we've been doing is to avoid giving him anything but breastmilk. We plan to wait til he's a yr. old to introduce solids (allergies in family). I've read that anything but breastmilk will change the flora in their guts.

Right now he's teething, and it's getting more and more uncomfortable. What he does for that is to nurse often, chew on anything and everything
, and chew on ice in a mesh thing (he really loves that). I'm assuming that the little bit of water that he gets from that won't be a problem (most of it goes down his front).

What I'm wondering is if it's OK to give him a homeopathic, or if that will affect the flora, too. What I would do is to dissolve one pellet in a little water on a spoon and give that to him.

What do you gut-healing gurus know about this?

ETA: I'll be gone tomorrow (Thurs.), but will be able to respond on Fri. or Sat., so please don't think I'm ignoring!

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