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wanting to "grab" something to eat

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but everything must beprepared! any breakfast that can be made ahead and frozen in portions? on saturday we have cake for breakfast but i have to eat alot to get full so that would not be good on any day. ideas?
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what are your restrictions?

gluten-free? buckwheat waffles can be frozen then reheated in the toaster

can you have eggs? hard boil a bunch on one day and you can grab one when you're hungry

coconut milk yogurt or other kind of yogurt? mix in some raisins or other dried fruit for a quick snack

lots of fruit

veggies cut up (celery, carrots, peppers, etc.)
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Thanks for the idea for coconut milk yogurt. Do you make your own? If so do you ahev a recipe to share?
I steam sweet potatoes and yams (whole with skin) and leave them in the fridge for grab and go food. They are okay breakfast foods too, I think.

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Thanks for the idea for coconut milk yogurt. Do you make your own? If so do you ahev a recipe to share?
kathy's dd is sick so..
she does make her own, yes. her recipe is on her blog:
we do muffins, granola (homemade with gf oats, safe dried fruit and seeds instead of nuts), toast with Ener-G bread, bought gf waffles, fresh fruit...
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thanks for stepping in Jacq.
Whole Foods type places started carrying coconut milk yogurt (it just happens to have stuff that we can't tolerate in it). I like making my own because I don't use much sweetener so it's more versatile.

I also made popcorn-ball type stuff out of puffed millet cereal that was good grab-and-go, though messy.

If you give us your restrictions, we can come up with more. I usually have rice cakes in my car and LARA bars. If we're going somewhere I bring a jar of peanut butter for peanut butter on ricecakes for a bit of protein.
I'm going non-traditional for breakfast. I like to make a large stew-type meal Sunday night (anything with simmered meat and veggies) and then eat leftovers for breakfast for a few days. Sometimes traditional American flavored stew, but last week was a curry-type thing with lots of coriander seed, cumin, fennel, turmeric, like that, and before that a beef stew with Chinese 5-spice and lots of carrots. It changes the flavor enough that the kids don't really realize they're getting stew every morning.

If you can have corn (do you have corn tortillas in stores?) breakfast tacos can be made ahead of time. Eggs and potatoes are a traditional filling, but you can branch out.
am gf cf dont eat corn b/c my dd cant have it and it would upset her and buckwheat makes me gassy and i live in israel so ener-g isnt imported lara bars are but are expensive and too sweet for my taste. i should try to get back into making granola and would love to make coconut yogurt. thanks for the ideas and tanya i love to have steak for bfast! or leftover chicken soup, but those are not too grabable either.
sweet potatoes, maybe if i mashed em up with some egg yolks mmmmm....

my third baby turned one about amonth ago and i dont think i've been on this board much since he was born. I cant beleive it's been that long. have been thinking of posting anew us thread lately maybe ill have time. thanks again!
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I mix up gf/cf/egg-free pancake mix and keep it in the fridge. It takes only a minute or 2 to cook some fresh ones in the am. I can eat them on the run, and if you put a piece of sausage between them - breakfast sandwich!
crustless quiches freeze well as long as they don `t have potatoes in them. If you bake them in muffin tins or baking cups sized for cinnamon rolls you can do single serving sizes, or I was thinking of trying to use a loaf pan and freeze slices.
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