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Definitely try several different things. I have discovered in my nearly 6 months of cloth that I really like prefolds and wool but dont' really like aio's. I know that I hate sidesnap on my daughter. I don't really like aplix, I only like snaps. And I thought I truly loved pins but I really am liking the snappi lately. My tastes keep changing. I would start with all prefolds and PUL covers and branch out from there. THey are simple, cheap, wash and dry fast, and easy to get. Bummis covers are AWESOME!
Make your life easy and get a snappi instead of using pins. A lot of people are pin-impaired when they first start. It does have a bit of a learning curve. It might seem complicated at first to fold and snappi and add a cover but it's honestly just so easy. It takes a couple times to get used to it but if you keep at it, I promise you it will become old hat by the second or third day. Cloth is definitely different than disposables so give yourself time to get adjusted. I promise it's worth it!!!!! I have loved it since the first diaper I put on my newborn(it was a lavendar kissaluvs 0 by the way!
). I still love it 5 months later.

Meg(off to load up a wash of dipes)
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