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*~*~* warm fuzzy *~*~*

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Co-sleeping during the nights
me and my baby, snug and tight
I have more than I could ever want
The bug loves his 24-hour breastaurant

Tummy to tummy, we sleep and stay
cuddled up and happy night or day
Because our nap-time is just as loving
I thank God for our co-napping!

I know this won't last forever
He is getting so very quickly older
One day he'll want to have his own bed
And all I'll get is a good night kiss on the forehead

My husband loves the co-sleeping, too
often I'm sandwhiched in between the two
I don't think there is any more to life than this
I am pretty sure I've found co-snuggling bliss

Ok, I know I'm no poet, but I'm sure some of you are just as awful--prove me right!
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We have a little family bed,
it's warm and tight and fun
we love co-sleeping and swear by it
when it's night or when there's sun

we pretty much have daddy
sleeping on the floor
the poor guy has to beg for space
so he doesn't fall off anymore...

I love to wake and see his face
his chubby, so kissable cheeks...
I hold my boy in my arms all night..
my mom just thinks we're freaks...

But I don't care, we will co-sleep
until the end of infancy...
because these angels grow too fast
they'll be grown tomorrow, you'll see..

I am no poet, but I woke up in a funny mood today so I just felt like adding my own!
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