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Warning about Elidel use under age 2

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We used a sample back when DS's eczema first appeared at 6 months. He got a stuffy nose/cold symptoms from it. He got increasingly fussy and rubbed his head so I suspected a headache as well.

When I researched these side effects, I found out that the FDA published a warning in October 2003 that children under 2 shouldn't use Elidel. Infants tend to have blood levels much higher than older children/adults...since their skin surface relative to their body mass is much higher. And "the effects of topical immunosuppressants on the developing immune system are unknown."

"Not recommended for use in pediatric patients less than 2 years of age. Infants on Elidel Cream had an increased incidence of some adverse events compared to vehicle which included pyrexia, URI, nasopharyngitis, gastroenteritis, otitis media, and diarrhea."

"In the 6-month infant safety study, adverse events occurring more frequently in the Elidel cream group compared to vehicle included pyrexia, upper respiratory tract infection, cough, vomiting, hypersensitivity, rhinitis, viral rash, rhinorrhea, and wheezing."

The point is that this drug is not as safe as some people might think and that there are not long term studies on it. Suppressing the immune system may have far reaching consequences especially for young patients. Animal studies did show some tumor concerns at high blood levels:

Sadly as much as 50% of the prescriptions are being written now for under 2. One of the peds in our practice first gave it to us for diaper rash for which it is clearly not indicated!
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Thank you very much for the waringin. I wonder why my 4 months old grandson has eczema? He only has breast milk, has had no vaccines whatsoever, and his mom has a good diet.

She uses EUCERIN creme on his eczema. Is that better? Just wondering. It's working, but should she keep using it?
Some children are just prone to Eczema but some are due to allergies. She may try to eliminate the top allergens from her diet (for at least two weeks) and see if it improves. Top allergens are dairy, soy, peanut, treenuts, egg and wheat (I may be missing one). Eucerin is a lotion and should be fine but some kids react to it as well. Oatmeal baths are usually good for kids with eczema.
I agree with Wendygrace. DH has asthma as a child, so possibly there is a genetic connection. Dairy is the biggest offender...usually it's proteins that pass through milk to the babe.

Fish is also common in addition to previous poster's list. We have found great success on an Elim Diet ourselves, but as I test things I have to say I'm not finding that DS is reacting to much right now. I really believe the supplements, probiotics and others, are helping a great deal (see my sig.) so it's possible his system is dealing with allergenic foods better. So definately get both mom and babe on probiotics to help digest foods completely.

I'm not personally crazy about Eucerin because it's mineral oil and petroleum and just coats the skin and probably doesn't allow it to breathe. If it's working, I wouldn't change it, it's certainly way better than Rx products.

We've found that Alba Botanica fragrance free extra emollient lotion is the best (contains some herbals that people might be senstive to though, like camomile). Also, we use apricot kernal/grapeseed oil mix after bathing in lukewarm water. CamoCare soothing camomile cream is a nice one for rashes too. Others like calendula cream but it didn't work for us.
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