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Just a reminder--it's tick season!

Of course, maybe it's always tick season, but we experienced our first tick yesterday. Little DD came to me and said she felt an itchy bump on the side of her head, so I looked, and there was a bump all right--a black one with squirmy legs! I did not tell her what it was. I just said we needed to go have the doctor look at the bump. She was upset, but not nearly as upset as she would've been if I'd told her she had a live insect imbedded in her head. I didn't want to attempt to remove it myself--the whole thing made me very squeamish and, also, last time I tried to remove a tick (from DH, many years ago), it broke in half and he ended up going to the doctor anyway.

The doctor removed DD's tick quickly with tweezers. It still hurt her and she hollered, but she held still. When it was all over, I told her what it had been and how it had gotten there. Both DDs were horrified, but very curious, so we came home and did a little research on ticks.

Now we've got to watch little DD for fever or a rash and joint pain in coming weeks. The doctor didn't seem too concerned, and I'm trying not to worry too much about Lyme disease, but we'll stay aware.

We're out on the bike trails along the river a lot, and we'd been up in Oregon in the woods, so who knows where she picked this thing up. But it was a wakeup call for me. We need to be checking our kids over more carefully after these excursions out in the woods. Ourselves, too!
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