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My 7yo daughter has warts, and medicine is not working. I thought I would just leave them alone, since warts usually go away after time. The problem is that there are a few dozen small warts surrounding her thumbnail. This has caused her thumbnail to recede, and I'm afraid the warts will take over the whole nailbed. So I took her to her doctor, who experimented on one of the other warts on her other hand. She put something on it that looked like some sort of oil (I can't remember what it's called.) but the stuff made the small wart turn into a giant wart. So she referred us to the dermatologist, who prescribed Aldera, which is normally used to treat genital warts. (It's fun explaining to the pharmacist why my 7yo needs genital wart treatment.) Anyway, it's supposed to take 5 months or so. We have been using it for about 2 1/2 months, and it seems like it's only getting worse.

My daughter is sick of the warts. They embarrass her. So she will get them frozen off. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience getting rid of warts in any kind of natural way before I take that route. We quit the Aldera.

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Try giving her a Vitamin B complex every day. It worked for my niece. She had them all over had hands and within a few weeks they were gone.

My grandson had a planters wart on his foot and thuja got rid of it. But it took two vials and about 3 months.

Just one word of warning: my dd has a gf who had a huge wart on her thumb. She used everything the pharmaceutical company had to offer. Nothing worked. She had it frozen off several time. It came back repeatedly. Then the doc decided to send her to surgery. They cut it way deep and put some poison inside the hole. The wart never came back.

But she still has this very sore wound that will absolutely not heal. No skin will grow over it. And when it finally does, it cracks open within a few weeks and the whole problem starts over again. It has been like that for about 3 years now. She says it is very painful.
my daughter was plagued with warts a few years ago. we used a homeopathic remedy called 'thuja occidentalis'. it comes in both the pellets and a topical ointment.....we used both simultaneously. IT WORKED. she has not had a recurrence in a few years. you can get the remedy at any wild oats or whole foods. it took about 3 weeks for it to work completely.
My dd has some on her hands,fingers,face.After years of freezing,burning,cutting,homeopathics,herbs,and duct tape we finally tried rubbing the inside of a banana peel on them each day.Viola! Gone in 2-3 weeks! It will turn bright red,but not be painful.Then start to fade.Hopefully this painless and FREE remedy can help your child too. I was so bummed I put dd through years of pain and bandaides!
Thank you, everyone! I love this forum!
wart wonder worked for my ds, use it with a bandaid, got it at Wild Oats, I think they have a website, do a search, it has Thuja, tea tree, vinegar and some other stuff.
I also read something that you have to get the body to recognize the wart is there so it will fight it off, something about pumice stones? basically you rub the wart until it gets a little scraped so the body says attack that spot.
My dh used garlic. Sliced it and put it on it, secured it with a bandaid. a couple weeks later, it fell off.

I aslo just read that the juice of a dandelion stem will "dry" it out and it will go away. it's almost dandelion season...
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