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Was it retracted?

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So my 2 month old son is intact ~ at his 2 month appointment our ped was looking at his penis and pulled the skin downward. Our son didn't make any visible signs of discomfort and we were not sure if she was just moving "movable" skin or if she had actually retracted his foreskin.

He is now red and a bit swollen but neither my husband nor I have any experience working with intact peni so we don't know what is normal.

We were planning on saying something to our ped about not retracting the foreskin but were engaged in random conversation and completely forgot about it during the appointment.

Was he retracted? I sure hope not.
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It sounds like it may have been partly retracted - or at least messed with. I would go ahead and write a letter or call, telling her the cause and effect - she messed with it, and now it's red and swollen. Include a copy of the AAP guidelines (I will try to find them later if I can I don't have much time now) and make sure to discuss it at your next visit.

As long as he is peeing fine, there is NO REASON to pull back on his foreskin even the least tiny bit - any more than there would be to stick a finger inside a girl's vagina. I'm gathering from reading here that many docs think "retraction" is all the way and "they're just moving the skin back a little bit" but even a little bit may be too much. It's just unnecessary!! Your doctor needs to hear that.

Hope your little guy is feeling better - I would just leave it alone and it will probably be fine in a day or so.
Sounds like she did some damage even tho from what u describe is was not a full retraction. What she did is WRONG and you need to make sure she knows that from now on there is NO REASON AT ALL TO EVEN TOUCH THE PENIS DURING A EXAM. Here is the AAP intact care print out a couple of copies and give one to the dr and keep some in the diaper bag as well. This one to Intact Care Agreement go over both with with your ped and have a copy kept in his file.

Be sure to read the sticky at the top of the forum "A Warning To Parents Of Intact Sons"

I hope your little one gets better soon.
Your son should be fine as long as it is left alone and no one else is allowed to retract him in the future. A nice warm bath may help with the swelling and redness but otherwise leave it alone and be extra carefull to no push back on the skin if he has a poo since it is already irritated that might let bacteria in there. Just wipe him off good and if it is a really messy poo then give him a bath.
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Yes, Cathy, your son was forcibly retracted and there was damage to his foreskin as evidenced by the redness and swelling. If there was no damage, there would be no redness or swelling. What other parts of his body that were examined that got red or swelled?

You need to bring this to the doctor's attention and make sure that she doesn't do this to your son again or to someone else's son. Unfortunately, doctors don't give information from young mothers much attention and what ever you tell her is likely to go in one ear and out the other. That's the nature of most doctors.

However, the good news is that you have a powerful ally on your side that she will listen to. In the sticky thread at the top of the forum "Warning to Parents of Intact Sons" you will find information for John Geisheker, the attorney for Doctors Opposing Circumcision. John will write a letter to this doctor on his legal stationery explaining why the foreskin should not be forced back, why it is damaging and what the legal consequences will be for her if she continues with this painful and invasive practice. I can guarantee you that will make her sit up and take notice and your son and other boys will no longer be at risk of this from this woman. She will also spread the word among her associates and that will protect other boys.

This will be a tremendous effect for such a small action!

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