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was it the tomatoes??

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Ok, for about 2 or 3 weeks dd wasn't doing well. Some pesky eczema and bad sleep. I was pretty sure the olives I was eating off the olive bar were bothering her, but wasn't sure if something else was going on or not. I decided to cut out tomatoes as well. It is possible the olives had milk in them, so that is perhaps part of the reason that it took a while to see some improvement.

Last week we started to see improvement. She slept awesome Wed, Th, Fr, Sat, waking only 2 times each night. Thursday night I decided to start tomatoes again. In some ways it was a food challenge, in other ways I was thinking there was no way it could have been the tomatoes because it took so long to see improvement. I ate tomatoes every day Th-Mon. Sunday and Monday nights were bad. But the weird thing is, she would be really bad at the beginning of the night and then after midnight she settled down and slept nicely the rest of the night (eg, I don't think she woke after midnight last night and slept until close to 7). Last night was bizarre. She was screaming like I have never heard her. She was saying crazy things, some of which I couldn't understand (she is only 22mos), but things I picked up were "I need a bath" and "I play now". In some ways it seemed like she wasn't even fully awake. She was just inconsolable until Superman (dh) came on the scene. He took her downstairs and he said she instantly fell into a sound sleep on him (they laid on the couch). He only brought her back after a couple of hours when she started to stir a little. So, I guess she even slept longer than 12-7. She also has a red patch on each arm by her wrists. In the past I have thought this was just dry skin, but now I am thinking it is eczema. Only thing is, it doesn't itch her.

Anyway, there is something else in play here and that is, she didn't get naps the past 2 days. They were crazy days with Easter and then I had a bunch of errands to do before driving down to the mw yesterday. She fell asleep very quickly and soundly at bedtime both nights, not how she usually falls asleep which involves stopping the nursing session and then rolling over and moving around until the finds her comfortable spot. So, maybe not getting a nap made her overtired and messed up her night?? She definitely has days she doesn't get naps, but I am not sure that it has ever happened when we are at baseline, so not sure of what effect the napless days have.

Ok, if you read all that you rock
: What is your thought? Could it be the tomatoes? Even though it took a couple of days to show up? She only nurses about 5-6 times a day and it isn't like I am gushing milk right now, so she isn't getting a ton of bm.

Thanks for reading and any insights

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Sounds like a night terror to me. We actually rushed my ds to the ER one night and found out it was "just" a night terror. They are pretty horrible.

My dd reacts very, very badly to tomatoes and all in the nightshade family. She has broken out in immediate hives and it was one of the primary causes of her long standing eczema.

Good luck,
I don't think she has a problem with all the nightshades (thankfully) as I ate potatoes almost everyday last week and she was fine. If she has a problem with tomatoes I would imagine it is in relation to her banana, avocado, and most likely latex allergy. Hopefully, stopping the tomatoes again will get us back where we need to be. How long do you imagine it will take to pass through the both of us? I wasn't eating a huge amt, just maybe 7 or so grape tomatoes and then I was also eating a dish that had something like 2 tomatoes in the whole thing (and it was a big dish, so I was really getting minimal amts from that).

Thanks again for all the help on this board. It is great to know there is someplace I can come and be understood *and* get answers

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My son has a big problem with tomato products. He will start having fed face/eczema flare up (I think) after a few hours and then it takes a almost a week to get it to clear up. I am not sure how long it takes to get out of my breastmilk, I still haven't figured out much in the way of timing and reactions so we pretty much eat all the same foods.
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