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Last night DH & I were lying in bed watching ER, and I was holding my belly. I felt a little thump thump. I had DH put is hand there & hold it steady slightly pressing down & he felt it too! It was very exciting. I have not felt definite movement since, but I kind of think it was us feeling the baby. Again I felt,
gassy, but did not pass any so I wonder. hmmmm. Well, we shall just be excited and say it was the baby!

Had a OB appt this week. He was very impressed with my weight gain over turkey day. Only 1 lb this month. Like I pay that close attention to what I eat! HA! I ate way to much pumpkin pie & cheesecake! It did feel wierd when he started to unbutton my pants to hear the HB, I joked & said let me help you with that. Anyway, strong HB and he found it rather quickly this time. I have a M/W appointment monday that I can not wait for.

I have been very busy xmas shopping this week. How exhausting! I still need to start on DH & finish up with the kids & their teachers, then I am DONE!!!
We are getting our tree tomorrow, I am very excited. This will be the first year I have presents ready to go under the tree when we put it up!!!
I just may have time to bake cookies this year too!

Have a great weekend ladies. Hope all is well with everyone.
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