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Washigton Co. MD: FP/Ped, School, Psych, Playgroups?

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Hello all, we're moving to the Hagerstown area from the Woodbridge VA area and I have a few things I need to ask.

Are there any Montessori or Waldorf schools nearby? I have a 5yo that has done well in our public school, but it's not totally traditional.

Any peds that are ok with delayed/selecive vax and EN? I have an 18mo we haven't vaxed yet.

Any good psychiatrists (argh, I never know what to call them)? I need to be on meds for chronic depression, but I want someone that can help me start dealing with my internal issues if that makes sense.

And finally, any AP type groups to get involved with? We have a pretty AP playgroup here (started from our LLL group), and while we will always be close in heart, I know I'll need other people close in geography too

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Im in Hagerstown
. There is a Montessori preschool that goes to through full day K. What area are you moving to there are some REALLY good public schools in the area ( and a few SUPER CRAPPY ones). There are a couple private schools ( church based). My moms group is pretty ap everyone is different but everyone in my group is of a mind that if it works your you and your family -- go for it
. Several moms extended bf'd.
My ped is Dr Budi http://www.washingtoncountyhospital....or.asp?Name=42 He's great I have just in the past 6 months started questioning vac's and plan to either delay or not vax any future children. He was SUPER impressed with my cloth diapers and made me print a resource list for him.

Another MDC mom recommended I havent gotten around to making and appt for me yet but I THINK she now has someone in her office that does mental health also. That is about a 20min drive from hagerstown ( no traffic)
Anything else
Let me know the area your moving to... Email or PM me!! We just got a new swing set at our house ( yeah Im as excited as the boys)
Our local grocery store chain has even put in a "gasp" oraginic food line
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No probem. Let me know if you need any other info. 2 Really good elementary schools are Paramount and Fountiandale. There is also a pretty big homeschooling group in this area. The private schools are St Mary's, Broadfording Christian and Grace academy. If you have some of the areas you are looking at I can find out about the schools ( 2 I dont think you want are Bester and Winter Street -- I havent heard very good things about them)
We'll be closest the Maugansville Elementary. I haven't talked to anyone there yet, but DH has and he wasn't impressed. We're coming from a really good public school.

I was hoping for something Montessori, I really feel DS will learn well in that type of setting. I had hoped to homeschool, but between DS's love of school and the depression I keep fighting, I feel like it's not good for either of us. Unless I could get a co-op group of kids to actually come every day. DS just loves to be with kids all the time.

Also, any naturopaths?
Maugansville is a good school. they are building or will be building a brand new elementary. I hope it will work for you. YOu will be maybe 15 min from me!! Let me know if you need anything else. Its a great area quiet VERY VERY low crime. Great park and Mondays are local liberary ( main branch) has an awsome free story time. We have 2 nice consignment shops ( if you like stores like that) Our mall is pretty nice Penneys,Sears, Hechts ( is becoming a Macy's ) Old Navy & Gap. There is a Walmart shopping strip mall w/ home depot Marshalls bedbath&beyond and boarders ( which also has a free story time). Sorry to ramble.

Naturopaths Im not sure of but one of my neighbors is VERY ap. She home schools and is no vax and I think she did a home birth with her 3yr old. I can ask her or put you in touch with her if you would like.
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sweet- this is becoming more and more promising!

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I knew my neighbor would come through. She and her son go to a natuopath in Frederick. That would be about a 40min drive from your end of town here is the site.
looking better? She really likes her.
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