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washing different types of CDs all together?

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Yep, me again with the first-timer questions.

So in my last month o' pg I am having insane nesting instinct and severe sudden CD lust (this from the woman who said "eh, we'll get some 7th Gen sposies to start and then do diaper service/cheapo covers") ... and I want to get a nice variety of newborn/small stuff to try out and see what works (especially since we're not sure how big our kiddo's gonna be -- prolly average to big).

But ... I have found soooo many different, uber-specific washing instructions for each manufacturer. To keep it easy (on me and DP, who is on board with cloth but wants it to be pretty no-brainer in the washing department) I would ideally like to be able to toss *all* the diapers/covers/wipes in together in a load, but since we are looking at a variety of stuff, I wonder if that's doable? Would I need to seperate the fleece from the cotton from the synthetics from the hemp, etc.? (I'm looking at pocket diapers like Fuzzi Bunz/Swaddlebees, AIOs like Bumkins/Rumpsters, and Kissaluvs fitted with a Bummis cover for newborn size, and we use 7th Gen detergent, if that helps.)

Thanks in advice, expert CD-mamas!
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I never worried about it. Throw em all in (and I use a wide variety of prefolds, covers, pocket diapers, and all in ones) and wash em on hot, and then fish out the ones that can't go in the dryer and drape them on top of the dryer to air dry, then toss the rest in the dryer. No biggie.

Some people are a lot more particular than I am, but I've found that tossing it all in together works just fine and doesn't cause any unusual wear and tear on the diapers.
You should only need to separate things at first. Like don't wash new cotton or hemp items with pocket diapers. Wash new hemp separately (if it's a lot, one insert shouldn't hurt much) at least 3-4 times until the oils are washed out so they won't coat the fleece. New cotton items like prefolds, or kissaluvs, should be washed separetly the first few times also so the lint coming off them doesn't get all over the fleece, causing it to pill. After everything is "broken in" you should be able to wash everything together from then on. I usually wash new hemp and cotton a few times in with my sheets, towels, whites, that type of thing, until it is ready to go in with my diapers.
Yes, after the first few washings of certain things...cotton & hemp as the previous poster mentioned, we throw everything in the wash together. No special washing routines for different products (except wool ofcourse). I just don't have time for that

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