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Washing fruits and veggies?

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I want to know what you mamas use to wash pesticides off of fruits and veggies.
I wish that we could go all organic but we just cant afford it. So I am trying to work with what I can do. My son and dh both eat lots of apples and grapefruit and grapes are cheap right now too. My dh loves pumpkin in the fall and buys 5 or six and makes all kinds of stuff with them. Of course I could have a garden, but I am only 5 weeks away from having a baby and cant get out there to dig and till. So we will have couple of tomato plants and just rely on family to donate their excess produce.
Any suggestions?
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I've been just rinsing but that concerns me as well. I can't wait to read other posters response. Excellent thread topic!
I use 'Veggie Wash'.

We have it in our grocery store in the organic section. I spray a few squirts on my hand, rub it all over the fruit or vegetable and rinse.
We are on a tight budget so instead of buying organic produce, I soak them in water with a little bit of pure castile soap. Then rinse well. This removes pesticide residues , dirt & germs. You can find castile soap in natural food stores or online. It is amde from olive oil. There are many places to buy all natural, handcrafted soaps on the internet. The soap will last a long time if used sparingly.
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I've been diligently washing all of our produce (even organic-you never know where it's been!) for about 20 years now. I make my own produce spray - a good squirt of Bronner's Sal-Suds in a squirt bottle of filtered water. Works great and very economical!
Thank you for your replies!!!!
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