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washing fuzzi bunz

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I know that it used to be that you couldn't use a free and clear detergent on FB's. (So I have been using Arm and Hammer) But with the new style came new fleece and I am wondering if the same rings true for this style. Arm and hammer changed their formula and I don't like the new fragerence. Anyway, I love my All free and clear detergent and would love to use in on my dipes if I can. So does anyone know the answer?
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nope, not sure. You could do a test run maybe? Just wash a couple in F&C. I know that it might be a PITA, but at least you'd know w/out having to possible strip ALL of your FB. Do you use Liquid or powder det. My fleece started stinking and repelling like crazy, got it cleared up now, but it seems like I remember someone told me that you shouldnt use liquid on fleece. So, maybe that was my problem.
I've read that Tide free & clear is made differently than the other free & clear brands & won't leave build up. We've been using it so far with good results.
I use Tide Free on my Fuzzibunz. I didn't even realize you weren't supposed to use a "free" detergent on them! That's the only detergent my family can use, so I don't really have a choice. I haven't noticed any problems with using it, even after several years. What are the problems supposed to be?

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What are the problems supposed to be?
major build-up from what i understand. but i think the concern was really centered on ALL F&C, not positive tho (it's been a long time since i was reading all abt detergents).
Allen's Naturally ( is the detergent recommended by Mother of Eden for use on Fuzzibunz, and it works great for us. No scent or other yucky additives, and it's very concentrated (no fillers) so a box or bottle lasts a long time.

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