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washing machine suggestions

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Specifically, one that LASTS. Our Kenmore front-loader just died after 7 years; it would cost more than twice its price to fix it. The repair guy advised buying a specific top-loader that he finds lasts more than 15 years and is easy to fix. (He says that most of the front loaders he sees die in less than six years!) I've always loved my front loader, but they're not environmentally friendly if they have half the life of a top loader, and I'm not in the market for some $1000 German-made model. Do you folks have better experiences with front-loader longevity?
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I am interested too - it looks like we may have to get a new set of washer/dryer, one that is long lasting and yet can handle tons of washing!

Also what are all the machines made by German? That sounds interesting...
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