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Washing wonderoos

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I was just reading on the wonderoos site that you shouldn't use free and clear products on them. All we use here is All Free and Clear. Does any body here use FnC on their wonderoos with good results? should i just get some store brand detergent for the wonderoos? help! newbie here!
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Wonder why it says that..Doesnt make any sense..

We've been using All FnC on our wonderoos forever..I switched awhile back to Purex FnC..I've never had problems with leaking, etc..
F&C is all I ever use, haven't had a problem with any pocket yet.
Is it because there are enzymes in it? Or am I totally off track here? If you don't have any problems though, no reason to go out and buy another kind just for dipes
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I thought it was because F & C detergents may leave a coating on fleece that could cause repelling. I use Cheer Free on all my dipes, including Wonderoos, and have no problems though.
Thanks mamas. I'm sure its probably one of those better safe than sorry warnings. I don't see why free n clears would leave something that regular detergent wouldn't but who knows!!! I think i will risk it.....
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