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I'm breastfeeding my 19 mo. AF returned in December, was here in January, and once sometimes Feb-Mar. I'm also very likely PCOS.

I wasn't planning to TTC until May, but DH and I do need to get back into practice... and Earth Hour 3/28 seemed such a natural time... but then on Monday I had CM, going to EW about 4/1.

I had about a week where I was very sensitive to DS's fiddling. Queasiness, volatile emotions, frequent urination.

Before Easter, BFN's, but I figured it was too early. After Easter, my tests came out inconclusive. I saw the doctor yesterday, but they did the same type of test and it was negative. (I should have specifically requested a blood test
. The doctor insists that it's been long enough to be definitive.

My first pregnancy was ectopic. I didn't even realize I was pregnant until ~6 weeks, the clinic I visited only did a urine test and didn't check me, and my initial doctors appointment didn't come until after it ruptured. So it's critical that I know when I'm pregnant, early enough to confirm it's good or catch an ectopic before it can do damage.

I reminded my doc of my history of ectopic pregnancy, but she still maintained that it's soon enough for the urine test to tell.

I checked my temperature first thing this morning, and it was 98.2. Definitely high from my pre-baby non-BF cycles.

I'm going to keep charting. I figure it's early enough to monitor another week or two before insisting on a blood test.

Anyone have thoughts / ideas on what might be going on?
-- What do basal body temperatures do with breastfeeding?
-- PCOS cycles, can you get EWCM in an anovulatory cycle? (I think I might have once before, but not sure...)
-- What about HCG signatures *in urine* if it's another ectopic pregnancy? Could it be rising too slowly to tell yet?
-- could this be an early m/c?
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