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Waste pipe leakage.....urk!

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Hi there,

We have recently discovered that the main wastepipe in our apartment building has been leaking in to the floor of our kids bedroom. It is a brand new building and there have been so many issues with the plumbing it just isn't funny! So there are 3 apartments above us and the water leakage is all of their toilets, showers, baths, sinks and washing machines!...can you wasn't like a gush more like a trikle but I don't know how long it has been happening...more importantly it is the turns my stomach....

It is a really sour smell and there is mold growing in the cavity and all these little flies, they look like fruit flies, I have moved the kids out until I can get it under control....

I guess my quetion is what can I do to get rid of the smell...I know nothing about natural home care other than the Ecover Products I use and I am sure you lovely ladies will know a trick or two to help out....

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Just wanted to second the pp's advice - you should not deal with this yourself. Your landlord is probably liable for the repairs, plus there are some nasty illnesses that can arise from sewage contamination - you may want to seek advice from specialist companies that clean up after floods etc. Of course, I have no idea how eco friendly would be....but it wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

Good luck - keep us posted, huh?
Would love to blame it on the landlord but that is me!

We have had the pipe repaired and the floor checked for permanent damage of which we are told there is none. I am still in touch with the people who own the building (we just own the flat) and I am hoping that they are going to help with the clean up is internal plumbing and it is their responsibiliy...they paid for the repair...
Anyway, I just wanted some tips on the smell which is nasty especiallly in this warm weather...I have spread around some baking soda...don't know what else to do.....
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