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Watch This- Really Disturbing

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Only in a 'wow, I can't believe this' kinda way though. But if you have trigger problems maybe read a little before watching.

It's about 'non-lethal' weapons used against US protesters.

You have to sign up to youtube if you already aren't because it's been 'flagged' by other users. Most likely to lessen it's viewing because there's alot worse on youtube that isn't flagged. Should make ya want to watch even more!

P.S. Signing up is no biggie, just name and email stuff

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I didn't watch the clip.
I can't watch this stuff anymore.
Just wanted to note that this has been happening for years.
yeah, I noticed there has been more stuff lately on PBS and such about the civil rights era and the abuses that happened then. I've always thought of the police and other entities as working for the people. Its so shocking to me to see video of officers beating little old black ladies in the streets and then to see footage of Seattle's protests.

I think this is a really important video for people to watch (though if you are already familiar with how this happens, I guess it could be overload), especially if they are involved in activist or protest activities. At least so they can see the possibilities of what could be used against them.
I'm not watching right now......what are the "non-lethal weapons" used?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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