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Water beds and co-sleeping?

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Ok...we are currently sleeping in a full sized bed. It's teeny and no one, except DS, sleeps well.
SO, on freecycle today, someone said they have a king sized water bed in perfect condition, but it just is taking up too much room. So I said I'll take it!
Does anyone co-sleep in water bed? Are they safe? We had one when I was a kid, but our dog popped I never slept in it, it was the guest bed.
DS is a brand new one year old, so the risk of SIDS is almost non exsistant, but we do plan on having more.
What do you wise parents think?
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hey girl, we got rid of our waterbed b/c we were going to co sleep, I didnt want to risk suffication. I dunno, maybe other mamas have done it but everything i've read, say its big no no..
I haven't done it myself, but I've heard it's risky.
Can I use the frame of the bed and just put a king sized mattress in it?
I wouldn't pass up a free king sized waterbed, no way!! *****Not sure I'd co-sleep in it though*****...maybe just keep it for later...I dunno...LOVE water beds though!!
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There are so many different water beds.
If you want a water bed, I would go for the ones who have seperate water tubes in the bottom. My MIL has a waterbed like that, and it doesn't move as much as a regular water bed.

Originally Posted by Lizzo
Can I use the frame of the bed and just put a king sized mattress in it?
Sure Why not. We did that with a queen size waterbed frame.
Definitely NOT recommended to bed share in a waterbed. Aside from risk of suffocation (even for a 1 yr old), the heat of the water in the bed is not recommended for children whose bodies regulate temperature differently than ours. I personally wouldn't do it. However, I have used a queen sized mattress in a queen waterbed frame in the past so I don't see any reason why you can't use it for a king mattress.
We had a waveless King sized waterbed that my dad gave me when I was pg. It was old but comfy. I bought a cosleeper to put next to the bed, there was no way I would risk sleeping next to my baby in that bed. Very dangerous. The few times I attempted to cosleep with my "I like my own space" baby, I did so on a twin sized futon on the floor.

If you put a regular mattress into a waterbed frame, be careful! The baby can slip down between the mattress and the frame and suffocate. Maybe you can stuff that space with rolled towels or blankets to make it more secure.
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