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water birth questions re: infection and difficulties

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Not quite sure if this is where it should be posted so if it needs to be moved please do so...

Went to my family doctor about a mole that's going out of control... tried dearly to not bring up our choices with the birth of our first... basically cause i knew she would tell me something i didn't wanna hear...

so it comes out that i'm doing a home water birth... and she says... don't give birth in the pool... labour in the pool but don't give birth in it because it's hard for the midwife to deliver the baby, i guess in the pool i'm really low... and the midwife would have to bend down to catch or examine and everything... then she says... and when you push you tend to have a bowel movement and that contaminates the water and possible (i think she said) e-coli <sp> infection...

reading alot of water birth stories and such it doesn't sound like a BM would actually happen cause apparently alot of water birth's don't end in hard pushing...

anywho i knew i should have changed the subject before she started asking questions about everything... lol

any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated

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Feh. Both of the reasons she listed are baloney.

The midwife can reach the baby just fine and if for some reason she can't you are perfectly capable of bringing your own baby to the surface. But, you would be amazed at how swiftly and acrobatically most midwives can move.

She's also wrong (surprise) about the poop in the water. Your baby has already been exposed to your bacteria and she already has your antibodies. A baby born dry in a hospital is far more likely to get an infection from an airborn pathogen. Water actually dillutes bacteria. You might poop in the water, you probably will, but it is no big deal, the midwife will scoop it out with a fishy net.


I once had a dr ask me, "won't they drown as they're being born?"

Uh, we had to do a whole anatomy lesson about baby's dive reflex, everything.

Babies get exposed to poo all the time with birth. The cool thing about waterbirth is any poo is so heavily diluted - making it safer, than perhaps when your baby comes out chin to your rectum while you're on hands & knees.

And - surprise! Your mw does not have to catch your baby. It's a misnomer that midwives need to be "down there" fiddling and stretching. Just like Amy mentioned, the water gives you the ability to get in better positions for your partner or you to catch your own baby (but, that doc may freak at such an image! *gasp!*). (I'm a bit lazy and don't like wet t-shirts, so I don't do alot of catching babies in the water unless baby or mom really needs help)

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I had a hospital water birth, dh actually caught but the midwife was right there with him. I didn't have a BM, and I had to push really hard, she was posterior. Your bowels tend to clear before labor and if they don't so what.
I'm a bit lazy and don't like wet t-shirts, so I don't do alot of catching babies in the water unless baby or mom really needs help
That was funny.

I had a water birth and I pooped in the water.
My midwife scopped it out with a strainer deal. She also had no trouble catching my baby for me, and my baby came out fast so she really had to move.
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I know many doctors are uninformed about NORMAL birth, but when I read stuff like this I just get mad. Can't they use their powers for good, not evil?
: But then I have to remind myself that it's every womans responsibility to be informed. You have a good 9 months to read everything you can, ask all questions, and we have it easy w/the internet. Most just want to turn it over to the "experts", it's too scary to think about. If they only knew what they were missing!
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What a load!

I jsut had my baby at hoem in a blow up kiddie pool. I DIDN'T poop (and so what if I did) and my midwife was able to reach me and baby jsut fine. Midwives generally won't do exams unles syou ask and/or are ready to push. I labored for 49 hours AFTER my water broke - most docs will freak out about that in itself.

Listen to your heart and mind, and talk to your mw about your concerns.

DH caught Morrigan and she came outvin one heaving shot liek a rocket (no crowning and then pause all in one single shot!). DH WANTED to be teh one to catch her too. The only thing my midwife did was check me to make sure I was complete and tell me to go for it.
thank you all for your responses!

i agree.. and the bacteria thing makes total sense

lmao that is too funny... won't they drown
i figured the diluting part would be a good thing but she didn't mention that.. of course

even tho i'm really ready for labour and everything... i'm not looking forward to the pooping in front of everyone deal but it's part of it so... *shrug* gotta live with it

my midwife talked about how at one point they were doing so many water births that they had to say air birth or land birth or something when it wasn't a water birth... i think she'll be able to handle it - if it were an issue i'm sure i would have heard about it

i agree - good not evil! and even tho i knew it was all a load of kaka it still puts thoughts in your head... hard to break the habit of just going along with what the doctor says even tho it goes against your gut... so much more concious of it now

Mommy StormRaven

and thx for the advice!
Enjoy your new bundle!!

Thanks again all.. i really appreciate the feedback - i prolly won't be taking the baby to her... i like her as a doctor for me... but i'm sure i'm gonna hear about all the vaccination crap and everything else that i don't wanna do when the time comes so we're gonna try to find a more like minded doc for the baby

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Originally posted by minicooper
Mommy StormRaven

and thx for the advice!
Enjoy your new bundle!!


birth story is postedHERE if you want to read!
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