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Water broke last night!

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It was about 3am and I woke up feeling damp. I got up to check and noticed I was a little wet, but didnt know if I was sweating. I went back to bed, and 30 minutes later, I got up again and yes, it was fluid leaking but very little. I wiped and it was pink. I called my mw and she said to try to sleep and call her in the am. No contractions but a little achey. Nothing new since then, she came to check the heart beat and blood pressure and everything was good. She is not worried about my water leaking, as long as there are no vag exams I should be fine. I am to check my temp if I am feeling feverish. She doesnt think I will make it another week. I talked to a friend of mine who went a week and a half with a slow leak so who knows.

Just feeling very emotional right now, needing lots of hugs and reassurances. My dh is working all night long tonight, teaching classes all day tomorrow (he is an instructor for the American Red Cross) and working all night long tomorrow. I probably wont see him until Thursday morning unless I go into labor. Darn, I really need the emotional support right now, but am not going to get it.
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sending you lots of love and hugs and peaceful birthing vibes

your babe will be in your arms soon!

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hang in there, are in the home stretch
I can imagine that you must be feeling very vulnerable and emotional right now...limbo is tough. Rest while you can, and know that soon, very soon you will be holding and loving your new baby
Let us know how you are doing
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Lori I'm sorry Ron won't be home much to support you. I am sooo excited for you!!! Try to relax and know I'll be thinking about you. Wishing you a wonderful birthing!!
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Yeah its almost time! Relax, relax, reat rest. Trust your body, trust your baby. Your body knows what to do...I had a leak that started at 11:00am and trickled all day..contractions started about 5 hours after the first trickle---I gave brith to dd about 24 hours later. Granted I had a longgish labor but it wasn't a long delayed thing---i.e. didn't take a week. So just relax and enjoy this time!!! Your baby will be here soon!
Thank-you everyone!

I called dh home this morning, screw his classes they will understand! Having random contractions all night long with more bloody show and cervix dilation. Yep, I am thinking today, too. I am trying to just hang out and connect with my women on line. Not sure when to call my doula friend though, just feel like being alone with the fam right now, it will be the last time we are all together just the 3 of us. Darn, why does that make me cry?

Anyway, I will keep you posted. Think about me!
Sending you calm smooth easy happy labor vibes...

My water started leaking on a thurs afternoon, but labor didn't really get going till friday nite, and he was born saturday morning. It's okay, you'll both be fine

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Sounds like things are close for sure.
I think just what you're doing is perfect. As much calm and relaxation as you can get in right now will do you good. Also, I think it's great that you're so open emotionally at this point. It not only means your hormones are in the right place :LOL but that you're freely expressing what you're feeling and that'll help your labor freely flow and progress at it's natural pace. You can call your support people under the pretext of just "hanging out" too so it's not that they're coming for some "action"
but just to spend some quality time together until everything is completely focused on the labor, KWIM? Good luck. I'll be thinking of you and sending good labor vibes your way.
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Just wanted let you all know Lori had a baby girl last night!!!!! I'll let her give all the details when she has time.

CONGRATULATIONS, Lori!!! Welcome baby girl!!!!
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I thought it was highly suspicious that she had a broken water, bloody show, contractions and was feeling a bit emotional...and then we never heard from her again! :LOL


I can't wait to hear the birth story!
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Does anyone know what her due date was? I am due in July as well, so it's definitely gotten me thinking!

I can't wait to hear the details. Congratulations!

Originally Posted by oceanbaby
Does anyone know what her due date was? I am due in July as well, so it's definitely gotten me thinking!

I can't wait to hear the details. Congratulations!
I believe she was 37.5 weeks preg., so I'm guessing her due date was in early July.
Hi Lori!!!

Congrats (again :LOL)

Your little girl is beautiful!!!!
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