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water testing and filters????

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We have been drinking bottled water here because I am paranoid of our drinking water but we really need to cut this expense out. Our house is 1925 and has lead pipes (I assume) so I am worried about lead especially but I also hate the taste of our water- strong chlorine or something.

anyway, I am wondering if anyone has ever had their water tested (any info would be very helpful) and also if anyone uses water filters- what kind really work? What do you recommend etc.

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I bought this home-test kit from WHole Foods. All of the tests for our water came out fine - it is a little hard but that's about it. However, I don't want any chlorine in my water, even if it's under the EPA standard amount. So I bought a counter-top filter (the kind that has a little hose going to the tap and a spout for the pure water) from paragon water filters.

It's been great. We sent one to our friends in LA who were just drinking bottled water (plastic, of course) because their water tasted sooooooooo nasty. There are different prices and styles of filters. Mine removes most anything and it works great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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