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Waterless Vaporizer and congestion

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I have a couple of questions for you if you have ever used some sort of unit like this. I am looking at either the Evenflo waterless vaporizer or the Vaporeze from babycenter. Both of these units use a methol and eucalyptus mixture on presoaked pads. There is no water to deal with.

Here are my questions.
1) Have you used a vaporizer to relieve a toddler's congestion. How did it work. Was it waterless or did it use water.
2) Did using it have an effect on the AC. I mean, did it increase the amount of AC being used.
3) Did the smell go all over the house?
4) How long did you use it?
5) Do you recommend such a beast.

My DD has chronic congestion which we have tried to address through the pediatrician. After several medications, which don't seem to work very well, I am so frustrated about this and willing to try almost anything.

Any help is appreciated.

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Originally Posted by Killick
Both of these units use a methol and eucalyptus mixture on presoaked pads.

Nicole, I have read that this not a good idea because it is even more irritating to the lungs and throat.

How old is she? Did you nurse her or is she still nursing?

Have you ever considered why she is constantly congested?

Congestion is a symptom. The underlaying cause should be addressed.

Can it be allergies?
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DD is nearly 22 months old. She was tested by the ped for allergies when she was about a year old, but nothing came up. We are going to retesting her for environmental allergies, but we will see. According to the ped, it is not a food thing because her digestive system is not involved. I tend to agree since she has never reacted to a food. I know that dairy can cause problems but she doesn't eat that much dairy, probably the only thing she gets consistently is milk, but still, no increase mucus, and not digestive issues. We are just trying to avoid her being on medications forever. We have done the benadryl, pediacare and triaminic for OTC and for perscriptions, we are now trying Zrytec, and have done Sigulair. We are pretty sure that it is allergies. I would use a humidifier, but I live in Arizona and they humidifiers wreak havoc on the AC. The whole point of AC is to remove moisture from the air and make the dry air cooler. (Besides that, my husband works for the electric company and won't stand for the increased AC costs from a traditional vaporizer.)

Is it just the eucalyptus that hurts the throat of the mentol? Is there anything else, more natural to relieve congestion?

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Are there smokers in the house?

Has she been vaccinated?

She has been on way too much medicine in her young life.

And yes, the menthol is irritating, but water vapor is not. But I am not sure that it would be helpful.

Let's see if we can figure out what is causing the congestion.
No smokers and she has been vaccinated according to the peds schedule. I know this is contriversal, but to each his on with vaccinations. We have her in daycare, so I really wanted her to be immunized.

I thought the way vaporizers imprived congestion was by increasing humidity; I don't see how just adding a smell into the air could have a better effect than rubbing it into their chest. We have effectively used a water-filled vaporizer on my son.

As for the AC, you could consider turning it off in one room (if it's a whole-house duct system, you can probably close the vents to keep most of it out) to use the vaporizer; if you don't have a room that stays naturally cool enough to allow that, you may want to invest in a swamp cooler, which will also add humidity (and is much more efficient than AC in dry climates).
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