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Waterproof mattress pad recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend a good waterproof mattress pad that will fit under baby and at least part of mama, but not over the whole bed? For a reasonable price? The leaky diapers and breasts are worse than I remember from last time!
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I found some at Walmart that have worked well for us. They are the size of a crib mattress (a little shorter, but just as wide). There are two in a package, and i think a package was around $10. For our king size bed I use two packages. I overlap them a little and put them under our mattress pad. Prior to overlapping them a little, they did shift, but haven't in a really long time!

I did find the plastic in them was making me sweat, so i put a towel over them (also under the mattress pad) and the problem went away.

I don't recall the brand, but I would imagine you have seen them before. The company also makes a smaller size for changing tables and a shoulder version for burp clothes. They are usually colored with imprinted lambs or something on them. The crib ones are white though.

We just purchased a bed for the nursery and splurged on a waterproof mattress pad. For a queen size bed it was around $50. We haven't gotten to test it out yet though. It isn't plasticy at all, and actually quite soft. They had a sample in the store which we got wet.
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When I was pregnant and worried about my water breaking in bed (which is what actually ended up happening!) I put down a shower curtain and then a big beach towel over it. Then after the baby came and nursies were leaking and diapers exploding, I went ahead and purchased a waterproof mattress pad cover for the entire matress. I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. And it's been working beautifully! The real test came not too long ago when my DD peed on the brand new, high falutin' expensive mattress I just bought (something she's never done before). My first reaction at 3AM was to stick my hand under the mattress pad and feel for a wet spot. DRY! Phew! I worthy investment to keep a matress fresh and clean!
i used the mats that mom2owen1 mentioned. but i've since purchased a wool waterproof pad for the whole bed. it stays in place much better but of course it's a bit more of an ordeal to remove it if it's something that needs to be done everyday. our dd is 2 and now it's handy for when she's running around naked and pees on the bed.
I use the mother of eden pad made for this purpose. It's just like a FB, with fleece on one side and PUL on the other. Works really well!
I made my own. I bought wool fabric, felted and shrunk it in the washer and dryer, cut it to size, and lanolized it. It is totally waterproof, comfy to sleep on, and doesn't "crinkle" or make me feel like I'm sleeping on plastic. I made mine to exactly fit our queen size bed (I needed a mattress protector anyway!), but you could make one easily to any size you like.
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