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Being told to lay low for a few days really leads to lots of time to think and such...and start threads

How do you feel you can improve as an intactivist? what things do you need to work on? what are your strengths and weaknesses?

for me..

things to work on:
-need to watch pronouns, as another member said in a recent thread, mothers don't DO the circumcision
-need to keep a cool head (have been bad at this recently)
-need to learn more about the sexual side effects of circumcision and be more confident in talking about them
-learn to accept that, as papai said in a recent thread, sometimes the walls will only come down when the person is ready

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I really need to be confident that I can find a balance between being sensitive to those who are circ'ed or chose to circ.

For instance, I don't tell my circ'ed DH that he is missing out on how sex should feel, because there is no need for me to inadvertantly imply that he is inadequate

But sometimes I think I'm being too sensitive. Like with my mom. If I try to educate her, will it just make her feel guilty or defensive for no reason? Or if I don't, will she encourage her other children to circ their sons? She probably won't (very non-meddling), but who's to know.

I also need to memorize a bunch of facts so that I can sound like I know what I'm talking about. I tend to just know, without being able to recite.
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