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i have a couple different ways.. my cousin told all of our family one nite when we were playign family games.. we were playing pictionary or something.. and she waited until half way thru the game.. drew picture of lady.. w/ belly.. etc.. and we were like.. "pregnancy, im pregnant, YOUR PREGNANT" ...

2nd story is .. it was my moms bday.. and i drove 2 hours.. down there .. surprised her ... that I WAS THERE.. and then in a lil gift bag i had a picture frame that says . "its almost my birthday too".......w/ picture of sonogram.........

IM LOOKING FOR SOMETING TOTALLY UNIQUE and CUTE to tell parents for 2nd time!!!!!!!!!!!!!we've been TTC for 3 yrs now-- im ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!help me =)....not.. over the phone, not BIG BROTHER shirt.. something FUN AND UNIQUE any suggestions?? ty..
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