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Ways your life has improved since being a SAHM (poll)

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I know that being a SAHM can be really stressful both with being on ALL of the time with the kids and with finances but I wanted to list some of the ways that our lives have been drastically improved since I have been staying at home:

1. DD's school report card this past quarter went up in EVERY subject and I am no longer getting notes from her teacher about acting up in class.
2. DD's behaviour problems at home have virtually dissapeared
3. I am watching and enjoying every moment of ds growing from baby in to more.
4. DH and I fight less about housework and the kids
5. It has given me a reality check about how much I spend and on what
6. I am able to help a working mom by providing good care for her ds.

What are some of the GOOD things that you have noticed being a SAHM?
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I am easily accessible for my children.
They are getting more sleep because I don't have to wake them at 4:30 am to go the sitter.
I am less stressed and less tired, so I can spend family time with them and not conk out by 7pm.
We eat better...I have time to cook homemade meals instead of takeout.
I've been at home since I was 9 months pg, so ds doesn't know any different. Because I'm not working, I cook healthy meals every night, something I didn't always do when dh and I were both working full time.
I exercise everyday now that I'm a SAHM. Before DD was born, i thought I was too busy, lol.
I don't have to get up at 5 am. If DD keeps me up at night, I don't have the added pressure of knowing I have to be in decent shape to work the next day. If I need to catch up on sleep, I can nap when DD does.

I don't have to stand on a train platform in the freezing cold at 6:30 am.

I have time to cook and eat whole foods, and to feed whole foods to my family.

I get outside every day.

I am watching DD grow and learn, and spending long hours with her building a solid, trusting relationship.

I have time to devote to learning about parenting and about gentle discipline.

I am healthier and less stressed.

I am not so tired on the weekends and in the evenings, so I have more energy to spend with friends and extended family. I see my mom ten times more often than I did when I was working.

I have acquired three or four new hobbies.

Once DD wasn't an infant anymore, I started being able to keep my house cleaner and more organized, and therefore a more pleasant place to live.

I see DH more.

Living with less money has taught me a lot about what's really important.
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All of what everyone else said.

What immediately springs to mind is:

1) i know my children. I really, really know my children. Their likes, dislikes, the ways they learn, their immediate and not-so-immediate emotional, psychological, and physical needs.

2) I have the time to meet (or at least, do my best to meet) those needs.

3) I am more relaxed, and MUCH happier.

4) I can spend 45 minutes watching an anthill (with my kids), at any time of day, on any day of the week.

5) My kids are together, growing closer every day -- and I get to watch the process.

6) My husband is much happier, because I am much happier.

7) My kids get the sleep they need -- no dragging them out of bed before they are ready.

8) I have the time to make home-made, nutritious meals.

9) I have the time to learn about child development and gentle discipline.

10) We can go anywhere, at any time.
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More time for my marriage. I get chores done during the day so my marriage can just be time for us in the evenings!
When I was working I NEVER got to see my husband or my older son who was in school. As soon as my son got home from school my husband would get home and I would be off to work. I'm so happy now that I'm home!
I've been home since dd was born, and she is now 5, but I often think about how much happier I am at home. Reasons:

I almost never have to set my alarm, or get up before the sun. That is a big one.

I have time to relax and read and exercise.

I can make appts any day/time of the week.

I have freedom, in general. The day is mine. Well, ours, lol.

Going back to a fulltime job would be quite an adjustment for me. Just being on somebody else's schedule seems like such an imposition! I am spoiled.
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