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We are getting Married!

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I don't post much but I want to share my extreme joy in getting married to an amazing, beautiful, smart, nurturing, talented, funny, hard-working and romantic Guy.

We are getting married on August 20 in McMinnville up on a hill. Our little girl is excited to be flowergirl, ring bearer and hostess to the kids.

My heart is filled with joy. I never thought that I would ever find the person just right for me and actually get married. But here I go.

Thanks everyone at MDC and Surprise to those folks I haven't told yet!

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congratulations! sounds like it will be an awesome time!
Congratulations!!! You sound so smitten
and that's a wonderful thing!!!!!
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All the well wishes mean a lot to me since my mother is not interested in coming to the wedding.

It is really really nice to be mothered by all the Mamas whom I admire and learn from here.


p.s. I just bought a wedding gown today. It was one of the cheapest dresses at the shop and it looks fabulous without any alterations! Yippee!
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