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We are never leaving the house again!

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OK. We'll go places in town, but I never want to go out of town again!
We went to BIL's this weekend for my niece's b-day party. And neither of my children slept. On Saturday, from 8 AM until 10 PM, Ivy slept maybe three hours. Yep, three. And not in a solid 20 mins here, 20 mins there. Before she finally fell asleep Sat. night, she had dark circles under her eyes and was doing the whole zombie stare thing. I have never seen such a tired baby! I put Bridget to bed Fri. night at 9...she didn't fall asleep until 11:30 and Sat. she didn't go to bed until midnight! How can these kids stay awake for such long periods of time? I was begging them both to nap on Sat. and they both fought me. Bridget eventually napped but Ivy only napped for about 20 mins. before she was back up! Of course, she's been asleep now for over four hours in her swing and she slept from 9 until 5 last night, woke up and ate and went back to sleep until 8. So, we're never going out of town again!
No, we will, but who else's kids do the marathon stay awake insanity when you go out of town? Mine have never done this before...
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My kids are like this at home.

Sorry you had such a rough time.
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LMAO!!! i was gonna say the same thing, Bethany! ava's pretty good but Rowan...OMFG!!! *faint*
Here, too.
They actually napped yesterday.
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