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My daughter, Abigail, is 14 months. She has slept in bed with us from day one. I was able to breastfeed until she was 7 months (I became pregnant again when she was 5 months, and within two months, my body wasn't making enough milk---another issue).
Well, we are running out of space because she is such a bed hog, so a couple months ago we moved her crib into our room (she wasn't using it anyway), took off the front and have it pushed up against the side of our bed. This way, after she falls asleep, I can roll her over onto her crib to give me some space.
She still wakes up sometimes at night, but she has even given up milk in any form. She wants to eat real food at 3 in the morning! We use some baby signing, so she is very clear in telling me what she wants with signing and crying and whining. Any idea on keeping her more full all night long so I can get more than just a few hours sleep in a row?
Another concern: since I'll be having another baby in 3 weeks, and we're already feeling a bit crowded....especially my husband....and I'm so hot, because I'm pregnant, what suggestions might someone have regarding future sleeping arrangements? Should I try to get Abigail to sleep over in her crib instead of curled all around me as she does now, and if so, how..?
Should we have Abigail between my husband and I with me on the crib side with the new baby in the crib to make breastfeeding easy and Abigail feeling all snuggled? ... My husband is getting tired of sharing, not that he'll ever say no to having the babies in bed right now, but he is already saying that he wants us to "train" the new baby to sleep out of our bed before she's one year old.
I like cosleeping, but I also miss private time in bed with my husband...any secret solutions there?
Abigail has a pillow she sleeps on for naps. When she gets sleepy and whiny, I ask her "where's your pacifier?", she will look for it, get it and then I'll tell her "if you're tired, go lay down on your pillow" I'll point at her pillow, as she's trying to climb onto me, and tell her "go to sleep on your pillow", and she'll bo over and lie down on it. Sometimes she'll fall asleep right away, sometimes, she'll play peekaboo with me for awhile, and sometimes I have to lie down next to her, depending on her mood.
There have only been a few rare times she has fallen asleep and I have managed to move her to our bed/her crib and she has stayed asleep, but if she wakes up, no matter where, she cries if she's alone. I reassure her with lots of hugs and kisses until she feels better.
Am I doing anything wrong?

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