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I haven't posted much but have read everything on this forum for the last year. I've learned tons from you all and had to tell you about my little one
. . .

: Our first baby, Ariella, was born Sat, Aug 5, at 11:30am at home, in water, with just me and my husband there. She weighed 9lbs and was 20 and a half inches long.

Light labor (including light back labor) started friday morn at 7 or 8. I didn't even tell my husband about it because I thought it would go away. I went about my day like normal. DH got home at 6pm'ish. Not long after that I took a bath expecting labor to stop. It didn't so I figured it had to be real and told DH. We spent the evening doing what we normally did. Went to bed at 10. I couldn't sleep during contractions because of the back labor. He would use his hand to put heat and counter pressure on it (that felt awsome). I'm not sure what time it was but he wanted to know if it was normal to be getting them only 3 mins a part already (he started to get excited thinking it would be sooner then later, I kept thinking it would be a long time before baby came.). I decided to get in the tub and the hot water felt really good. Labor slowed down some but didn't stop. I was really tired and kept falling asleep between contractions. Spent the next 10-12 hours going back forth between the tub and toilet contracting and sleeping between them.

My water broke at 10 or 10:30 am Sat (We didn't have a clock in the bathroom so i'm not sure of the time frame). Labor sped up some but I still kept thinking it would be all day.
I was heading for the tub when my water broke. There was not much water (probably because dd's head was sealing the rest off). I got in the tub and checked my self (for the first time since the night before) and found the head had descended about half way. It took me a min to figure out if it was her head or butt.
Hadn't been a hundred percent sure if she was head down. DH wanted to know if he should call my mom and sister (They were coming over to help with the clean up afterwards and to be in the other end of the house in case something went wrong during birth. They didn't get to our place until a few mins after she was born.) I said yes. He wanted to know if I wanted to call them and I said "NO". He got back and I checked again to find her crowing said, "i'm going to tear." I asked him to rub me around were her head was.
He did and thought it was cool he could touch her head and feel her hair. I was kneeling in our garden tub on a towel and rotating my hips some. I pushed her head out, felt it with my hand as I felt her shoulders rotate and then out she came. I looked down to find her floating in the water like a ballerina. I pulled her out of the water and she took a few light breaths and looked at us for a min or two. She then started crying and cried for little while. We stayed there until the water started to get cool and I started to get crampy. I handed DD to DH and got up to let the placenta out. He held her while I cut the cord. The placenta looked like it had separated some over the last few weeks and there were blood clots that came out ahead of it. I headed for the shower and DH took DD to my mom. I was a little light headed in the shower and desided to hurry and head to bed. DH got me some food and I felt better within a few mins.

We really liked being home alone and will do it again next time.
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