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We had our first calf this weekend

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I have waitied over 20 years for cows and we started our heard this summer. Friday we had our first calf, he is a little Dexter/Zebu Cross weighed about 20lbs at birth, he is doing GREAT as is Momma.

DH says we have another on ready anytime.

Cant wait till we are on the farm full time I want to bottle feed one of our calves this year.
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Awwww! Congrats! Do you have pics to share?
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OMG I have never seen the likes of a 20-pound calf. I must see. Please?

My dh's commitment to raising our own beef is growing, but I really want/need to find something very, very small. Dexter/zebu sounds incredibly cute.
Man, I'd take a 20lb calf over the 140lb one we had last week (a normal calf for this breed is 70-80lb) his poor mama was fantatic - but we still had to help her out a big. but the baby is doing great. Dexters are a little small for us - we raise the big black anguses
Way cool. I would love to see a pic too.

I'm looking into getting dexters for our/my parents little 12 acre homestead. My mom wants a milk cow and I want to raise some steers for beef, my dad is hesitant cause he afraid they will escape in the middle of the night and he'll be the one running after them. Oh I have so many questions.
OMG I have never seen the likes of a 20-pound calf. I must see. Please?QUOTE]

Yeah, wow... I'd like to see what a calf that tiny looks like also! That's smaller than my cattle dog! I bet it's super cute! Please post pics! We just got 42 holstein calves in this weekend, but they all weigh around 100 lbs!
Sounds really cute. That is a tiny calf! I'm glad he's doing well. I love how Zebu's look.
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